I am a gift to you

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DT – The Gift

(Especially the second drop)


CjBroad – Son of Perdition (WIP)

(pretty neat tune being built by a guy in ttfm crew)


Von D & Riskotheque – Eyes on You


DAKTYL – Your Love



King Zac Lee – Sofa Dub


JME – If You Don’t Know [BLNT Remix]


Klaatu – Sedimentary (Arkwright Remix)


Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage’s Bad Week Remix) Trill Scott Heron Future Screw

(Assuming a. he keeps putting out tunes and b. I keep musikblogging, I’ll probably have a TSH tune in every post)


Been a minute

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I don’t know if you know but I don’t really believe in describing music the way most music publications do… these songs are all good that’s pretty much all i’ll say

Wayward – Marvin

Rustie – Slasherr

Epitome – Silverday

Solid Groove – This is Sick (Bird Peterson Rub)

Rowl & Inkarv – Can’t Feel

Hello Yes This Is BearFace

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A$AP somebody remix by BEAR//FACE:

Watch out for this BEAR//FACE guy.



On a totally different vibe, here’s the latest from DAKTYL



Lidly (Japan) plus *bonus* new Trill-Scott Heron

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About 2 seconds after I got the notification email from wordpress telling me this blog had successfully been made, I got another email telling me this dude and/or dudette named Lidly just started following me on Souncloud. It was pretty cool so boom, first post. Then I promptly figured out how to turn off those emails because I am on soundcloud erry day and don’t need that crap clogging up my gmail.

Super chill vibe on this beat called “See There”.

This one is his latest, called “Breathe”. Even chiller than See There, but unfortunately, there is no low end whatsoever.. oh well…  rreeeeemiiiix

*Bonus tune* from Trill-Scot Heron, the opener to his Future Screw Vol 2 Mixtape which I featured on the now-defunct rexmusik 1.0 tumblr.  Adventure Club – Retro City (LOUDPVCK remix) Trill Scott Heron Future Screw edit

Free DL on the TSH Facebook page.